KEMI Announces Spring 2016 Interns

By January 1, 2016January 14th, 2019News



The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 30 interns for the Spring 2016 session:

Lindsey Arthur – Virginia Tech
Hayley Barker – Montana State University
Kalila Clarke – University of Georgia
Jade Copeland – University of Queensland (AUS)
Julia DePugh – University of Arizona
Elizabeth Ennis – Texas A&M University
Angus Ferguson – Charles Sturt University (AUS)
Tracey Fischer – University of Queensland (AUS)
Sarah-Jane Fish – University of Queensland (AUS)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald – Oregon State University
Margaret Greiter – Iowa State University
Kelly Harrington – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Heather Holderby – Michigan State University
Desirae Holdt – Washington State University
Katelyn Huffman – Utah State University
Kayla Hufford – Washington State University
Lindsay Johnson – University of Connecticut
Twila Johnson – Texas A&M University
Annette Lenhardt – LVZ Futterkamp (GER)
Annette Lokkesmoe – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Brittany Magill – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Kirstin McCutchan – Clemson University
Cian McEntee – University of Kentucky
Jessica McGehee – University of Southern Mississippi
Kelly McKinnell – Clemson University
Erin McLaughlin – Centenary College
Maeghen Reitz – Delaware Valley University
Lindsey Taylor – University of Georgia
Brittany Tisthammer – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Alyssa Toupin – University of Findlay Welcome Interns!