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January 2007

KEMI announces Spring 2007 interns

By News

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 26 interns for the Spring of 2007 session:

Michelle Beaver – The Ohio State University

Joni Bowling – Sierra College

Brittany Branham – University of Florida

Clay Cason – California

Krista Cotton – West Texas A&M University

Katelyn Dagit – North Carolina State University

Kelly Eatman – Berry College

Andrea Fawcett – University of Tennessee, Martin

Caitlin Fosgate – Berry College

Justin Goethals – Washington

Asha Govia – Sam Houston State University

Vyctoria Griner – Michigan State University

Nicole Hesse – California State University, Fresno

Joy Hohenshelt – University of California, Davis

Angela Infante – Michigan State University

Beth Jinkerson – Colorado State University

Lane Johnson – University of Tennessee, Martin

Chelsea Juarez – University of Wyoming

Brittany Kobylensky – University of Connecticut

Shannon McBride – Bringham Young University

Anne Nurenburg – Michigan State University

Kelly Penn – Texas A&M University

Nicole Schnell – North Carolina State University

Brianne Tisbert – Scottsdale Community College

Amy Vasko – University of California, Davis

Jennifer White – Texas A&M University


Welcome interns!