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July 2008

KEMI announces Fall 2008 interns

By News

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 23 interns for the Fall of 2008 session:

Heather Boyd – Colorado State University

Cheryl Brewer Boyd – Judson College

Patricia Calkins – Harvard University

Roberto Chozet – University of Arizona

Sarah Doucette – University of Maine

Tryn Espelien – Oregon State University

Bonnie Forgeng – North Carolina State University

Amanda Hakes – Kansas State University

Joellyn Hasse – Eastern Oregon University

Andrea Hatfield – Middle Tennessee State University

Stephanie Honer – Michigan State University

Rachelle Jamrose – Colorado State University

Sara Kaniewski – Purdue University

Kelly Kauber – Washington State University

Erin Laurie – Auburn University

Vincent Marie – France

Shannon McBride – Bringham Young University

Justine Olberding – Colorado State University

Rachel Owens – New Mexico State University

Jonell Rakestraw – Kansas State University

Jennifer Spies – University of California, Davis

Sara Stone – University of Findlay

Kimberly White – Middle Tennessee State University

Welcome interns!