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July 2001

KEMI announces Fall 2001 interns

By News

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome our new interns for the Fall of 2001 session:

Morris Chiu – Canada

Sarah Davala – University of Findlay

Rebecca Deen – Judson College

Alicia Fuller – Cazenovia College

Emily Glade – College of Southern Idaho

Katie Groom – College of Southern Idaho

Danielle Gumble – University of Illinois

Vanessa Janatka – University of Findlay

Toni Leonard – Oklahoma State University

Justin Ochs – Kansas State University

Victoria Schumacher – Iowa State University

Christopher Shelli – University of Denver

Kimberly Sodt – Otterbein College

April Sweet – University of Kentucky

Lisa Van Horn – Washington State University

Welcome interns!