KEMI announces Fall 2005 interns

By July 9, 2005July 24th, 2017News

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 14 interns for the Fall of 2005 session:

Andrew Bane – Columbia State Community College

Kelly Clark – Utah State University

Andrea Crowley – Michigan State University

Neel Ford – University of Kentucky

Myra Haberneck – North Carolina State Universtiy

James Hayes – University of Kentucky

Lisa Marie Jess – Michigan State University

Erika Justus – Northern Michigan University

Carrie Klooster – University of California, Davis

Charmion Lee – Texas A&M University

Charlotte McLaren – Michigan State University

Natalie Phillips – University of St. Andrews, Scottland

Erin Priest – Colorado State University

Katie Roche – California State University, Chico

Crystal Stotler – Kansas State University

Welcome interns!