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Where do interns live during the KEMI program?

Housing on or near the farm is intended to contribute to the internship experience by providing an environment conductive to participation in all farm activities. Many of the farms have a dormitory, house or apartment for student occupancy. Whenever a vacancy exists, housing is provided to the intern as a provision of full-time employment. Some units are fully furnished and others will require students to bring some of their own household furnishings.

Housing is for interns only. Students who will be accompanied by family members, companions or pets are responsible for obtaining their own housing and are strongly encouraged to evaluate their ability to subsist on wages earned strictly through an internship program.

Some farms may require the students to pay a housing deposit in the amount of $250.00. This may be collected as a lump sum or may be paid through a weekly payroll deduction in the amount of $25.00 per week for the first ten weeks of the internship. The deposit will be returned upon successful completion of the internship, provided the housing is not damaged in any way and that all personal belongings are removed or disposed of properly.