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What are the chances for finding a job in this field following completion of the internship?

Beyond the tremendous learning opportunities associated with the day-to-day farm activities, there are countless other opportunities. During the weekly meetings students are introduced to, and are able to interact with, successful professionals in the horse industry. Through the KEMI program many students will arrange additional learning activities by shadowing veterinarians, farm managers or bloodstock agents on their days off. By successfully completing the KEMI program and seeking additional opportunities in the areas of greatest interest, students are better prepared to step into a career level position after graduation.

Many farms or industry organizations contact KEMI when they are seeking qualified employees. KEMI currently maintains a list of available positions, a roommate referral service and a list of former interns who are seeking employment. Those students who complete the course are eligible to utilize the KEMI resources in order to obtain positions in the industry. Providing this service to our graduates is the most obvious method for ensuring accountability for our program and the mission of the Kentucky Equine Management Internship.

Depending on your geographic location, opportunities in the horse industry vary greatly. In Central Kentucky, the chances of finding a job in the horse industry are quite good. However, as in any occupation, your success in finding a employment and your salary depends largely on your qualifications as an individual. The KEMI program provides hands-on experience and networking opportunities for career exploration in the horse industry and cannot guarantee future employment.