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What are some of the characteristics of a successful KEMI intern?

Observations regarding the interns who have completed the KEMI program indicate that the most successful interns demonstrated these characteristics:

  • Commitment to obtaining a position in the horse industry or related field following completion of the program
  • A solid work ethic and good time management skills
  • Strong horsemanship skills
  • Good study habits and a solid foundation in upper division collegiate courses
  • Prior involvement with group or community activities
  • A strong employment history

Preference is given to candidates who have successfully completed the first three years of a preparatory collegiate curriculum, including courses in equine science, biology, animal health and nutrition, microbiology and farm management. Students should be able to document substantial experiences in the field of equine management through employment and extracurricular activities such as intercollegiate equestrian teams, horse judging teams, 4-H, FFA, Pony Club or other breed-related organizations.